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Bidspeed Signs Co-Sponsorship Agreement with the Small Business Administration (SBA)

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Fullerton, CA – January 6, 2015 – Bidspeed and the US Small Business Administration (SBA), Santa Ana District, have agreed to cosponsor an activity that will provide Government contracting opportunity webinars to small businesses in the Santa Ana District. The webinars will provide small businesses with the information necessary to review, respond and begin the process of obtaining new business with the Federal Government. Bidspeed’s Customer Relationship Information System provides Government business decision logic and accurate procurement opportunity information to help grow businesses with real-time Government opportunities. Bidspeed has been identified as the only provider of Federal, State and Local community procurement opportunities integrated into a modern business development software solution. SBA provides assistances primarily through its four programmatic functions: Access to Capital (Business Financing); Entrepreneurial Development (Education, Information, and Technical Assistance & Training): Government Contracting (Federal Procurement); and Advocacy (Voice for Small Business). SBA provides small businesses with an array of financing, free individual face-to-face, and internet counseling for small businesses, and low-cost training to nascent entrepreneurs and established small businesses in over 1,800 locations throughout the United States and US territories. President, Mr. Ryan Reid declared, “Our cosponsorship with the SBA increases the likelihood that more small businesses will be provided the opportunity to compete on Government opportunities set-aside from large businesses.” About Bidspeed – Business Development Program and Software – In January 2014, Bidspeed launched the Federal Business Development Program (FBDP) to provide direct assistance to industry by integrating virtual technology with “human technology” in the form of procurement subject matter experts. The objective of the FBDP is to advance the growth of businesses in the Federal marketplace by combining integrated, intuitive, proven technology, effective business development processes, small business advocacy and experienced federal procurement experts. Bidspeed’s Software as a Service (SaaS) is an industry leading opportunity management tool specifically designed to help businesses identify, track, bid and win Federal, State, County, City, Healthcare, Academic and Grant contract opportunities. Bidspeed and the Bidspeed Federal Business Development Program help manage the business development process to include proposal processing by tracking and updating due dates, storing related documents securely, sharing information with team members, facilitating collaboration on bids (create teaming opportunities) and assisting in keeping connected with contracting officers and buying officials. Bidspeed helps guide the small business through the entire government business development process by integrating real procurement subject matter experts with small businesses that ultimately helps them win more government contracts. Additional information is available at Contact Bidspeed – If you’d like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview contact: Mike Wray, Director of Business Development Allen Shipes, Managing Director Bidspeed Phone: (877) 663-9043 or Website at...

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Develop a Strategy – Execute with Knowledge

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Doing business with the Federal Government requires focus and commitment.  In order to implement focus, companies need to establish a “Strategy” or “Plan”.  The term “Strategy” can sometimes be overused but is very often underutilized by definition.  The process of developing a strategy seems like a thankless task but the end result of having a plan in place will be a focused path to success.  The “Strategic Planning” process is very straight forward and can be as simple as setting goals and objectives.  Here are a few recommendations to get you started: 1) Define Your Vision:  Put a comprehensive statement together that allows you to document what your business will look like in 3 to 7 years and write a short statement in future tense. 2) Define Your Capabilities: Build a comprehensive understanding of what your business is equipped to do and able to perform. Also list all of your products, services and solutions. 3) Establish Goals & Objectives:  Establishing time-based goals and objectives provides you and your workforce a clear path.  Objectives (i.e. steps you take) should be established to complete specific task towards achieving a goal. This is an excellent way to also set bonus structures or incentive programs for your workforce. Companies who make the commitment to do business in the Federal marketplace should always begin with establishing a strategy.  This strategy will prove valuable to their success with obtaining new business (Win).  Bidspeed can assist with developing your strategy and provide subject matter guided expertise through the Bidspeed powered Federal Business Development Program.  Bidspeed provides easy to use functions that integrates your strategy with day-to-day business execution. Log on to Bidspeed and register ( for an account to experience first-hand how easy the Strategy Planning process can be and start winning new business in the Federal, State and Local...

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Why You Should Respond to Sources Sought

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There is a myth out there in industry…”If an opportunity is on FBO, it is too late”.  This myth is absolutely untrue and for the naysayers, have a look at FAR 19. The Government utilizes the Sources Sought and Request for Information tools as a mean to help set their acquisition strategy in accordance with the FAR.  Responding to Source Sought is very important for several reasons 1) It provides the Contracting Officer with information about your company’s ability to perform on a requirement, 2) It provides the Contracting Officer with valid information that there are is in fact “other sources” that could improve the supply chain for the Government on a specific requirement and 3) This is your company’s opportunity to market your ability directly to the buying sources, while maintaining good business practices and ethics. Responding to Sources Sought and Request for Information is an essential first step to helping shape an opportunity to a potential small business set-aside.  Under the “Rule of 2”, the Contracting Officer can make the recommendation to set-aside for small business acquisitions over $150,000 when there is reasonable expectation that offers will be obtained from 2 small businesses on a procurement.  In order to get to this step, those same small businesses wanting more business set aside must engage in the process of responding to Sources Sought and Request for Information. Bidspeed can assist with developing your Sources Sought responses by defining a strategy that works for your company, identifying Sources Sought opportunities that meet your company’s capabilities and help your company in responding by developing templates that meet the requirements of the Sources Sought or Request for Information.  This process is powered by our technology and strengthened by our staff of subject matter experts who know how to ensure the responses help set the expectations in place for a Contracting Officer that there is a small business that can meet all the requirements. Log on to Bidspeed and register for an account to experience the ease of this process and start generating more business in the Federal marketplace today....

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State and Local Data Now Available

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Announcing the integration of state, county, and city procurement opportunities. Bidspeed is dedicated to bringing you the most opportunities possible, and the recent addition of this new data in a bold step in the path of our vision. Our new support staff and network of subject matter experts are available to address procurement questions ranging from contractual to technical to administrative as it relates to identifying, pursuing, proposing, winning and performing on new business in the Federal, State and Local marketplace. Up until now, Bidspeed has offered you opportunities from primarily federal sources. Now, grow your business even further with access to state and local opportunities, such as school districts, hospitals, and road departments. Tap into the countless opportunities within your own community, state, and beyond, by contacting Be the first to see what’s brand...

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What we’ve learned

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When we launched Bidspeed almost 4 years ago we had a somewhat different vision of where we would end up. Our first thought was that we were a tool that would help tame the madness that is Federal contracting. So we built that, and, as far as we can tell from our customers, it works about they way we envisioned it. Then some interesting things happened. About 2 years ago, we started working on the SBA Teaming Pilot Program. The grant (we worked directly with 6 of the 11 grantees) was designed to help small businesses win large Federal contracts by forming teams and pursuing large ($10 million+) deals. It became obvious rather quickly that in order to effectively pursue $10 million+ Federal deals, the opportunities absolutely HAD to be set-aside. Most of the time, in order for something that size to be set-aside, there has to be at least some formal market research. So we started searching for large, early stage deals and briefing them via webinar to participants in the program. The briefings were wildly successful – we presented over 200 over the last 2 years to nearly 8,000 people. Normally, we prepared a template to use as a response and showed people how to use Bidspeed to respond directly to that opportunity. We also reviewed the responses from the small businesses at their request, offering comments and suggestions on how to best position their company to the buyer. Finally, we directly advocated on behalf of the grant participants with the contracting officer in order to influence the outcome of the set-aside. By webinar 120, or thereabouts, we started to get contracting officers to not only listen, but respond to our message about our companies. Federal funding, as you may have heard, can be tricky business, especially of late. Grant funding expired at the end of September, 2013, and the SBA program ended. The good news – this isn’t the end of the story. Along the way, we learned a few things. The first was that our customers were winning – over $750 million over the last 2 years. The second was that building a sustainable Federal pipeline requires real commitment. The third thing we learned – we want to keep doing this. So, in addition to our (we know) very cool new face-lift, we’re announcing a very cool new Bidspeed – the Federal Business Development Program (FBDP). (Can’t have a Federal program without an acronym.) The FBDP is a natural continuation of the Pilot Program. Same great technology, same early stage webinars, same templates, response review, workshops, and the same small business advocacy. Think of FBDP, powered by Bidspeed, as a virtual business development team. A Federal contracting genius bar. Your advocate for Federal contracting. And, of course, a very cool new...

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Bidspeed at the 23rd Annual Government Procurement Conference

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The Bidspeed Team will be attending the OSDBU Procurement Conference on Thursday April 25, 2013 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. If you’re also attending the conference, please stop by our booth (booth 535) and meet us. We always enjoy meeting the people who use our service on a daily...

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Increase to Small Business Contracting Goal 23-25% Enforced

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Small businesses could see themselves benefiting from new legislation being passed. To enforce that small busiensses contracring rules are followed, on Jan. 31 the Governemtn Efficiency Through Small Business Contracting Act was passed. This bill raises the annual government wide small busiensses contracting goal from 23% to 25%. This will benefit small buisnesses by  an addtional potential $11 billion being set aside for small business contracts. The problem is how will the increased 2% be enforeced when the current 23%  is rarely reached? Legislatures are taking a stand to make sure contracts are set aside for small businesses. Rep Sam Grave’s, Government Efficiency thorough Small Business Contracting Act, is not only increasing the small businesses contracting goal by 2% but is also enforcing that the goal will be reached. To ensure the rules are followed new punishments will be placed on government officials not following the new small business contracting goals. The executives which don’t ad hear to the new goal could face losing their bonus pay or sabbatical. Other government officials such as Rep. Bill Owens have also took action to make sure contracting goals are reached, by creating a bill that will cut agencies by 10% for missing small businesses contracting goals....

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Air Force’s (NETCENT-2) Set to Award $11 Billion to Small Business Contracts

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The Air Force is set to award half of it’s $24 billion dollars for the Network-Centric-Solutions-2 (NETCENTS-2) to small business contracts. After several delays David Van Buren, the Air Force services acquisition executive, said on Jan 20, “We fully  intend to award these contracts in the second and third quarters of 2012”. The NETCENTS-2 is a five year $9billion procurement program for a range of network-centric supplies and services, including hardware and software for networking and various engineering, software development, system integration, security and telephone services. The NETCENTS-2 is based on the original Network Centric Solutions program. $11 billion dollars, roughly half of the NETCENTS-2’s contracts, are set to be awarded to small businesses. Those contracts which are not set aside for small businesses, are required to have a minimum of 23 percent small business subcontracting. There will also be two small business companion contracts, for networking operations and application services available The NETCENT-2 is going to be a promising contract to pursue in the coming quarters of this year for small businesses.Van Buren also said “The use of small business is a key part of the partnership between government and industry, and also critical to the innovation and broader Air Force transformation in 2012”....

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Bidspeed University

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To access Bidspeed University please click here Bidspeed’s simple training platform called Bidspeed University is now open. Here we will be teaching you everything you need to know to use Bidspeed effectively and properly. Bidspeed University has information for everyone from the beginning small business owner who is new to Government contracts, to the experienced capture management team. We offer training for people with all different levels of experience with Government contracts and the Bidspeed software. The categories offered are the following: New to Federal Government Contracts? New to the Bidspeed Software? Interested in DIBBS Looking for More Advanced Bidspeed Training? Interested in Teaming? For additional support please click...

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3 Steps for Small Businesses to Win Federal Government Contracts

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Know your capabilities Sources Sought Set Asides Know Your Capabilities The first thing you must know before attempting to respond to a Federal Government solicitation, is you must know your companies capabilities. What is your company good at? What have you done in the past? What can you provide to the Federal Government? The wrong idea is to first find what the Government is purchasing and then trying to produce that. Sources Sought Sources Sought is one of the best tools to compete against large companies in the Federal Government arena. This is because the Government contract sector is highly competitive, and small businesses must use every advantage they can to win contracts. By responding to a Sources Sought, this is a way to get your foot in the door.  This does not mean that by responding you will win a contract, it does not even mean you will be considered for a contract, but it does mean it will increase your chances. It will increase the likelihood that the Federal Government will provide opportunities which meet your company’s capabilities, and set aside contracts which meet your set aside classification. Set Asides What are Set Aides? According to the Encarta World English Dictionary, “Set Aside” means to reserve something, to keep something, especially time or money for a specific purpose. This is exactly what a set aside is, part of the U.S. Government’s  Small Business Act states that the Federal Government is required by law to reserve a variety of procurements which are partially or totally for small business participation.  Which means that the Government must set aside a percentage of all Federal opportunities which meet certain small business set aside classifications. For more information regarding “Set Asides” and codes for classifications please go to In conclusion, if you are a small business, and you would like to respond to Government solicitations, first know your capabilities and set aside codes. Second respond to all sources sought relating to your business. By taking these three very simple steps you will greatly increase your chance in winning more Federal Government...

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