Best Practices For Winning Government Contracts

Government contracting has changed quite a bit since the pandemic and you need all the resources you can get.

Here is how to best position yourself for winning government contracts.

Quality Pipeline Management

When it comes to maintaining your pipeline for government contracts, it’s all about the quality of the opportunity.  It’s best to make sure that the opportunities in your pipeline match up well instead of pursuing ones that aren’t as relevant to your business.  Monitor the best opportunities in your pipeline and focus on the best quality that you can.  Using the pipeline management tool in Bidspeed, you can customize the way you view and organize the opportunities that you wish.  

Make Sure To Be Targeted

With a quality pipeline intact, using a targeted method of attacking these is always the best way to go about it.  Being cautious about the opportunities you pursue is the best way to not dig yourself a hole and get into financial trouble.  Doing less in this space is a lot of times the equivalent of doing more.  The best approach is to be conservative and to constantly be narrowing down the opportunities to focus on.

Have People Help You

The Bidspeed platform was designed to help aspiring contractors organize their opportunities and provide access to the best resources to help you get the bid all in one centralized hub.  Using this software can help position you to win these contracts and do all the work you need efficiently.  In addition, having someone that you trust look over your proposal is a great way to make sure that your formatting is consistent and that the proposal makes sense.  It’s always better to have a second set of eyes on an important piece of the puzzle.  

Don’t Chase What You “Think” You Can Do

It’s not uncommon for a new opportunity to pop up and think that you CAN do that type of work.  Just because you probably can do that type of work does not mean that you should be spending your time trying to win a government contract to do that type of work.  You should never be “chasing” after an opportunity.  The opportunities that you pursue should align with what you are currently doing with no chasing needed.  

Know The Customer

When looking at your proposal and ways to improve, it is important to know the customer and find out their wants and needs.  Giving a proposal that focuses on solving the problems of the customer is a great way to show that you have the solution and are willing and ready to be in that role.  

About Bidspeed

Bidspeed is the leader in government contracting software to help you put your best foot forward and win a government contract.  The Bidspeed platform hosts tools such as Competitor Research, State & Local Data, and Proposal Support plus more to give you the resources you need to get a bid.  With over a decade of experience, we are poised to give you the tools and support you need in the government contracting business.  To learn more about Bidspeed, check us out on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

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