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Best Practices on Government Contracting.

Proposal Management Plan

The Proposal Management Plan (PMP) documents the roles, responsibilities, tasks, schedules, and deadlines before contributors start developing proposal sections, volumes, and ultimately the complete proposal. The plan becomes the “evergreen” guide to keep the team on...


Bidspeed is proud to announce our new partnership with the Association of Procurement Technical Assistance centers (APTAC.) We’re joining good company with APTAC’s premiere partners, among them the ISVN Group and The Contracting Education Academy at Georgia Tech....

Develop a Strategy – Execute with Knowledge

Companies who make the commitment to do business in the Federal marketplace should always begin with establishing a strategy. This strategy will prove valuable to their success with obtaining new business (Win).

State and Local Data Now Available

Announcing the integration of state, county, and city procurement opportunities. Bidspeed is dedicated to bringing you the most opportunities possible, and the recent addition of this new data in a bold step in the path of our vision. Our new support staff and network...

What we’ve learned

When we launched Bidspeed almost 4 years ago we had a somewhat different vision of where we would end up. Our first thought was that we were a tool that would help tame the madness that is Federal contracting. So we built that, and, as far as we can tell from our...