Increasing Your Chances Of Winning A Government Contract

Winning a government contract is all about determination and chasing the right opportunities.  

Here are some things you should be doing to increase your chances of winning a government contract.

Finding Contracts

Finding government contracts to bid on can be a daunting task but luckily, there are plenty of databases to search for these opportunities.  Using BidSpeed’s federal opportunities tool along with pipeline management can help you find these opportunities and add them to your pipeline in the platform to target.  Having an all-in-one centralized hub can allow you to focus on more important tasks and be more efficient in targeting these opportunities and putting your best foot forward.  

Understand the RFP (Request For Proposal)

The RFP provided is going to be your book of truth when getting ready to submit a bid.  The RFP is an extremely long document that is carved up into many different sections.  It is crucial to follow every instruction in this document to a tee to be considered for the contract.  If not, it is likely that you won’t get considered at all simply for not following instructions.  Before worrying about the content of your bid, take into account the formatting and instructions.  

Address The Needs Of The Project

The proposal that you end up sending out needs to clearly address how your company is going to address the needs of the contract.  Demonstration of proficiency in solving the specific problem is what can help propel your proposal to the top.  The government has a problem that needs to be solved, and they are looking for a proposal that is laid out well and easily digestible in how you are fit to be their contractor of choice.  

Look Over Your Proposal

Crafting your proposal is just one piece of the puzzle.  The more important part is to be constantly reviewing your proposal to not only make sure that everything is correct, but also that it is formatted as requested.  Instead of having yourself constantly reviewing the proposal, find someone you trust and have them take a look.  Simply getting another set of eyes on your work can save a great deal of stress.  

About BidSpeed

BidSpeed is the leader in software to help you put your best foot forward and win a government contract.  The BidSpeed platform hosts tools such as Competitor Research, State & Local Data, and Proposal Support plus more to give you the resources you need to get a bid.  With () years of experience, we are poised to give you the tools and support you need in the government contracting business.  To learn more about Intend, check us out on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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