Why You Should Respond to Sources Sought

There is a myth out there in industry…”If an opportunity is on FBO, it is too late”.  This myth is absolutely untrue and for the naysayers, have a look at FAR 19. The Government utilizes the Sources Sought and Request for Information tools as a mean to help set their acquisition strategy in accordance with the FAR.  Responding to Source Sought is very important for several reasons 1) It provides the Contracting Officer with information about your company’s ability to perform on a requirement, 2) It provides the Contracting Officer with valid information that there are is in fact “other sources” that could improve the supply chain for the Government on a specific requirement and 3) This is your company’s opportunity to market your ability directly to the buying sources, while maintaining good business practices and ethics.

Responding to Sources Sought and Request for Information is an essential first step to helping shape an opportunity to a potential small business set-aside.  Under the “Rule of 2”, the Contracting Officer can make the recommendation to set-aside for small business acquisitions over $150,000 when there is reasonable expectation that offers will be obtained from 2 small businesses on a procurement.  In order to get to this step, those same small businesses wanting more business set aside must engage in the process of responding to Sources Sought and Request for Information.

Bidspeed can assist with developing your Sources Sought responses by defining a strategy that works for your company, identifying Sources Sought opportunities that meet your company’s capabilities and help your company in responding by developing templates that meet the requirements of the Sources Sought or Request for Information.  This process is powered by our technology and strengthened by our staff of subject matter experts who know how to ensure the responses help set the expectations in place for a Contracting Officer that there is a small business that can meet all the requirements.

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