Bidspeed helps you win government contracts.

$3B in new Government contracts have been awarded to Bidspeed subscribers, with an average contract value over $1M.

We don’t sell data.
We help you win the deal.

Bidspeed has integrated opportunity data from every public data source in the United States. Bidspeed helps you succeed at every step.

Opportunity Data

Bidspeed has data from over 80,000 public opportunity sources. If you can’t find it here, there’s a chance it doesn’t exist.

Opportunity Management

Selling to the government takes disipline and consistency. Bidspeed helps you build a process that produces wins.


Sometimes you need a little help. Need a prime with experience with the agency? A sub with capacity to take on a larger opportunity? Bidspeed customers can probably help. The Bidspeed platform makes it easy to reach out.

Never miss another due date

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Bidspeed helps you respond on time, to the right opportunities, and even reminds you when to follow up.

Have a question about an opportunity? We can help. Click the button, ask your question, and respond on time.

Need a template to structure your response? Just ask. Bidspeed will build a response template that helps you win.  

Search done right. 

Finding exactly what you need can be more than confusing. Bidspeed makes finding government opportunities simple, repeatable, and accurate.

Stop spending time searching and start spending time winning federal contracts. 

Winning a government contract is hard enough.

Bidspeed can help.

The Federal Government spends almost $580 billion dollars on contracting every year.  Bidspeed can help you win some of that.

"Bidspeed allows us to see opportunities where we can compete without spending countless hours searching"

– Esteve Mede, President, End to End Computing

"Bidspeed uses forethought and insight to increase our ability to submit proposals exponentially."

– Gail Montplaisir, President, Taurus Development

"Keep up your great work! We have forged four relationships as a direct result of your program. We have won one contract and presently have three very promising proposals pending."

– Kim Myette, CEO, RC Electronics

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