Federal Business Development Program

The right process wins deals.

Federal Business Development Program – Mission & Objective

At Bidspeed, we know first-hand what it takes to manage and grow a small business that is selling to the Federal Government. Like us, you and your small team are in charge of everything: business development, market research, capture management, bid/no bid, proposal management, and printing and shipping the proposal. And if you’re like us, you’re also in charge of delivering after you win.

It’s not an easy process. You need help. Which is exactly why we launched the Federal Business Development Program (FBDP), integrating proven technology with real, practical Federal Procurement expertise.

Our objective is to advance the growth of your business in the federal marketplace by combining integrated, intuitive, proven technology with effective business development processes, small business advocacy, and experienced Federal Procurement experts.

Put simply – we help your business do more business with the Federal Government.

Federal Business Development Program – Approach

There is no substitute for knowing industry—and government—inside and out. We can help you increase your win rate and decrease your business development costs because we integrate technology used on winning Federal Procurement programs with deep Federal Procurement expertise.

Think of FBDP, powered by Bidspeed, as a virtual business development team.

The Program provides your firm with continuous value through:

  • On-line Strategy Development and Navigation of the Federal Marketplace
  • Live, personal assistance and guidance identifying Federal Business Opportunities
  • Live briefings on upcoming potential Federal small business set-asides
  • A proven, systematic approach to building and maintaining a winning, sustainable Federal pipeline
  • Real-time forming/fostering Business Relationships (Prime, Sub, Vendor, Teaming, JV, etc.)
  • Direct guidance with proposing and capturing Federal contracts
  • Access to our national network of Federal procurement experts

FBDP brings together proven Federal marketplace technology and Federal Procurement experts to help your firm win Federal business.

Register Now

FBDP provides your business a simple tiered cost plan that provides twelve months of professional services using professional technology where there are no fee structures for basic service. The annual cost to your business amortized over the business day calendar year provides continuous value for your company’s daily Federal Business Development. Register your company today and sign in for the FBDP.

Have Questions? For more information regarding FBDP contact Allen Shipes, FBDP Program Manager, at fbdp@fedbidspeed.com – 877.663.9043.

Proven Success through Bidspeed Technology

At Bidspeed, we know we can help your company win more Federal business. But don’t take our word for it; we’ve been doing this successfully for thousands of small businesses for the last two years as part of the SBA Teaming Pilot Program.

During the 2-year grant period (2011 – 2013) more than 2,800 small business contractors participated in the Bidspeed-powered program. We presented over 200 webinars to more than 8,000 people on active, early-stage opportunities. We reviewed hundreds of responses from individual companies, and advocated directly with contracting officers on behalf of program participants.

Companies who have participated in the Bidspeed powered SBA Teaming Pilot Program have won over $750 million in Federal contract dollars during fiscal years 2011 and 2012.

More importantly, over 500 teams were formed, many that are actively pursuing new opportunities today. Be one of them. Join us.

Keep up your great work! We have forged four relationships as a direct result of your program. We have won one contract and presently have three very promising proposals pending.


You have helped my firm get into federal government contracting. It would have not been possible without your program.

Thank you for this service. You have really helped small businesses.

This program can serve as a capture service for small businesses who don’t have the resources … but have the capabilities.

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