Step-by-Step to Winning Federal Contracts

Bidspeed’s Master Class


A hands-on, interactive, virtual training assisting companies in doing more business with the Federal Government.

Session 1

Introductions & Strategy Basics

Get started with the first session of our Bidspeed Master Class. Over the course of 8 sessions, federal procurement expert Allen Shipes dives deep into strategic approaches, targeting opportunities, the art of proposal writing, and more. Though we encourage you to experience the sessions in order, you can always jump in anywhere you want to focus your learning. 

Session 1

Bidspeed’s robust platform can help businesses navigate the federal procurement landscape with ease. Participants learned to identify the agencies that frequently contract out for their product or service, and how to understand the methods these agencies use for acquisition. We also taught how to identify their competition and potential allies.

Session 2

NAICS Codes: We explained the importance of understanding the sector your business falls into, and the use of NAICS codes for  organizing information, along with a demonstration of how to explore NAICS codes in Bidspeed.

Keywords: We explored how buyers describe projects, with emphasis on flexibility with keyword selection, and taught how to use search expressions, manage keywords, and filters to refine searches.

Capability Statements: We guided participants in effectively presenting past performance information in proposals by clearly stating your company’s role, providing contract details, and accurately identifying project roles and customer references. We highlighted the importance of keeping capability statements concise.

Session 3

Sources Sought Notices: Participants were provided with an in-depth analysis of a Sources Sought notice’s sections and details, along with the purpose and importance of Sources Sought notices.

Market Research Package: Attendees used Bidspeed to create a comprehensive market research package for responding to a Sources Sought notice, including relevant information like past performance and capability statements.

Response Process: Together, we built a response document to save time and improve efficiency when responding to Sources Sought notices, including a template response and general market research package.

Session 4

Navigating, Finding and Reviewing Bid Opportunities: We shared valuable insights on effectively navigating government contracting opportunities. Participants walked through bid opportunity reviews aligned with their company’s goals and capabilities, including a pipeline system for categorizing and tracking suitable opportunities. We emphasized proactive engagement by regularly reviewing upcoming opportunities and evaluating set-asides, as well as effectively communicating with contracting officers. Overall, we provided practical strategies and actionable tips to help businesses make informed decisions about pursuing government contracting opportunities.

Session 5

Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS): In this week’s Federal Contracting Master Class, Bidspeed introduces the FPDS as a valuable resource for accessing contract information.We provide a walkthrough of the FPDS website, demonstrating how to search for contracts and gather valuable information such as contract type, competition, and dollar amount.

Email templates: We also demonstrated how to use FPDS to access vendor and contracting office information, and how to contact relevant individuals for marketing purposes. Examples of email templates for reaching out to contracting officials and prime contractors were provided to attendees.

Session 6

Understanding the RFP Response Process:

Learn the step-by-step process of preparing and submitting a proposal in response to a government solicitation.

Gain insights into the importance of aligning the technical response with pricing and past performance.

Get familiar with the requirements of terms and conditions, reps and certs, and FAR/DFAR reports.

Utilizing Templates for Efficiency: 

By ensuring consistency, templates streamline the proposal writing process and save precious time.

Understand the importance of aligning the technical response with the pricing strategy.

Tailoring the Response Document: 

Learn how to tailor the response to meet the evaluation criteria specified in the RFP, by addressing each section of the response document.

Learn how to reference past performance in pricing and demonstrate capability and credibility.

Understand the importance of aligning the technical response with the pricing strategy. 

Session 7

How to Build Your Sources Sought Package: Don’t Make Easy Hard!

Understanding Sources Sought Notices: Learn what Sources Sought notices are and their importance in the government contracting process. Understand why government agencies issue these notices to gather market research.

Step-by-Step Guide: Follow a step-by-step guide on building a capability statement. This includes the key components to include, such as company information, past performance, capabilities, and relevant experience.

Using the Bidspeed Response Wizard: Get familiar with the Bidspeed platform and its Response Wizard feature, which helps in preparing effective responses to Sources Sought notices.

Efficiently Tracking Opportunities: Learn how to use Bidspeed to search for government contracting opportunities based on specific criteria, and how to add opportunities to a watch list for easier tracking. Discover time-saving techniques for responding to multiple opportunities efficiently. This includes creating a general marketing response document template that can be customized for different opportunities.

Session 8

In this final Masterclass session of the series, we focus on crafting effective RFP (Request for Proposal) responses. Participants learn to create a well-structured template covering essential sections, such as company background, technical description, pricing, and past performance. Having a well-prepared template saves time and effort, allowing businesses to efficiently modify and reuse it for different RFPs. 


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Kim Myette

RC Electronics

Keep up your great work! We have forged four relationships as a direct result of your program. We have won one contract and presently have three very promising proposals pending.

Jewel Morgan

Dynamic Business Group, Inc.

I have been able to access the State and Local Bid opportunities. I am very excited and optimistic that I will gain new work because of this access. I am extremely grateful to Bidspeed and the SBA7(j) program!

McKieva Sullivan

8 Seven, LLC

Thanks so much!… I really appreciate this. Please know engagement is EASY because the information you’re sharing is invaluable!

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