Update Clearances

Welcome to Bidspeed! This tutorial will guide you through updating your security clearances and account details for enhanced visibility. Let’s dive in.

0:02 – Introduction to Account Upgrade

– Begin by visiting bidspeed.com and logging into your account.
– Use your email as your user ID and input your password for access.

1:49 – Update Personal Information

– Upon reaching your account page, update address, city, region, and phone number.
– Avoid altering your cage code or DUNS number, which are linked to critical system areas.

2:55 – Elevate Account with More Information

– Update or verify NAICS codes, certifications, set-asides, employee counts, annual receipts, and bonding levels.
– Easily add your logo to enhance your account’s appearance.

3:23 – Special Cases and Integration

– Provide details for special cases like GSA Schedule or DCA compliance.
– To integrate your GSA Schedule, connect with our support team.

4:59 – Security Clearances and Compliance

– Update facility security clearance or employee clearances here.
– DCA compliance pertains to your accounting process, not DCAA audit.

5:00 – Increased Visibility in Company Search

– Updated details are visible in company searches, helping you stand out to potential partners.

6:30 – Secure Your Updates with “Save”

– After modifying, remember to use the “Save” button at the top to apply your changes.

Have Questions? Contact Support

For any queries or clarifications, reach out to our support team via email using “Contact Us.” We hope you’ve gotten everything you’ve needed to update your Bidspeed account’s security clearances. Enhance your visibility and opportunities through accurate information.

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