Identify Key Personnel

This tutorial will guide you through the process of identifying and uploading key personnel resumes, ensuring you’re well-prepared to respond to RFPs or Sources Sought. Let’s dive in.

0:05 – Introduction to Identifying Key Personnel

– Bidspeed is your solution for streamlining the process of loading key personnel resumes.
– Access to begin the process. If you encounter any questions or concerns during onboarding, don’t hesitate to reach out using the “Contact Us” option in the lower right corner.

0:19 – Accessing the Key Personnel Feature

– Log in using your user ID (email) and password. Once logged in, you’ll arrive at your dashboard.
– If you have queries during any Bidspeed process, feel free to use the “Contact Us” option for prompt support.

0:31 – Navigating to Identify Key Personnel

– To load your key personnel, click on “Identify Key Personnel.”
– Alternatively, you can access this feature through “Settings,” “My Account.”

0:37 – Loading New Resumes

– Utilize the “Show all” feature to remove any previous filters.
– To add a new resume, click on the plus sign symbol.
– Enter the individual’s name, title, contact details (phone, email), and security clearance if applicable.

0:46 – Uploading Resumes

– Use the resume loader by selecting the folder icon on the lower right.
– Choose the desired resume file from your computer and hit “Finish” in the lower left corner.
– The resume is now successfully loaded for that individual.

0:53 – Downloading Resumes

– To download a resume for use, simply scroll right to find the “Download” link.
– Click on the link to download the resume to your computer.
– This downloaded resume can be easily inserted into RFP or Source Sought documents.

1:00 – Quick Summary of Steps

– To upload key personnel resumes, follow these steps:
1. From your dashboard, click on “Identify Key Personnel.”
2. Alternatively, access it through “Settings,” “My Account.”
3. Add detailed information for the individual using the plus sign.
4. Use the resume loader to upload the resume.
5. Download the resume when needed by using the “Download” link.

If you encounter any questions while using the “Identify Key Personnel” feature, remember to use the “Contact Us” option.¬†Our dedicated team will promptly engage with you through email, ensuring your queries are addressed effectively.

Bidspeed offers a user-friendly process for loading and managing key personnel resumes. By proactively identifying and uploading key personnel, you’re better prepared to respond to future RFPs or Sources Sought. Happy Bidding!

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