The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) recently announced Bidspeed and LSI Business Development, Inc. together are grant awardees for the SBA’s Small Business Teaming Pilot Program. The SBA awarded 11 grants in the effort to help small businesses nationwide compete for large government contracts (an arena typically dominated by large corporations and businesses) through the creation of teaming agreements.
To provide resources to help small businesses continue economic recovery, President Obama signed into law on September 27, 2010 the Small Business Jobs Act, the most important piece of legislation in over a decade to benefit small businesses. This new law made it possible for the SBA to create the Small Business Teaming Pilot Program. It also extended successful SBA enhanced loan provisions while offering billions more in lending support, tax cuts and other opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners. By providing more support for small businesses to win federal contracts through teaming, the U.S. economy at large will see benefits as more jobs are created.
Grant winners Bidspeed and LSI Business Development provide management tools, training, counseling and mentoring to small businesses for teaming relationships and competing for larger Federal contracts. Grantees will leverage their existing resources and collaborate with SBA District offices, resource partners and other federal, state and local government small business development programs.

Read full press release here: Bidspeed and LSI Press Release