Company Search


This tutorial will dive into the exciting world of competitor analysis and company lookup. Let’s explore how you can efficiently analyze competition and find companies that match your criteria using Bidspeed.

0:31 – Accessing Competitor Analysis

– Begin by accessing your dashboard and then navigate to “Settings” and “My Account.”
– Here, you will find the “Competitors, Suppliers, and Partners” option.

0:48 – Exploring Competitors, Suppliers, and Partners

– Clicking on this option will lead you to an area where you can list and find companies. This feature is connected to data for comprehensive research.

1:03 – Utilizing Filters and Show All

– To ensure a thorough view of your options, always select “Show All.”
– This practice is consistent with Bidspeed’s effective approach to utilizing filters.

1:14 – Initiating Company Search

– By clicking the three dots icon, you can initiate a company search.
– This feature is designed for situations where you might not have complete information about the company.

1:31 – Using Filters to Refine Search

– On the right side, you’ll find various attributes by which you can filter your search.
– This refined search can be based on location, company name, NAICS codes, and more.

1:44 – Filtering by Location and Company Name

– Demonstration of filtering by state (e.g., Texas) and using keywords (e.g., “outreach”) in the company name.

1:59 – Executing the Search

– Click “Find” to initiate the search based on the chosen attributes.
– The system will provide you with a list of companies that match the criteria.

2:09 – Analyzing Results

– Observe the search results that match your specified filters.

2:17 – Exploring Company Details

– Clicking on a company’s name allows you to view its details, including NAICS codes, awards, and more.

2:24 – Adding Companies to Competitors or Partners

– You have the option to add companies to your competitor list or partner list.

2:29 – Changing Company Status

– Demonstrating how to switch a company from a competitor to a partner.

2:40 – Saving Changes

– Make sure to save your changes by clicking on the save button.

2:45 – Viewing and Managing Contacts

– You can also manage your contacts and add individuals representing these companies.

3:03 – Company Search Feature

– Introducing the company search feature, a valuable tool for specific criteria-based searches.

3:14 – Accessing Company Search

– Navigate to “Search,” and then choose “Company Search” from the dropdown.

3:21 – Filtering Options

– This new feature allows you to filter results based on specific attributes such as GSA Schedule, location, past performance, and more.

3:34 – Number of Companies in Search

– Observe the number of companies that match your chosen criteria.

3:40 – Future Enhancements

– Mentioning that the current feature is in a soft rollout and will soon be available to all registered companies.

In conclusion, Bidspeed offers powerful tools for competitor analysis and company lookup. Whether you’re researching competitors or seeking potential partners, these features simplify your research process and provide valuable insights. Happy exploring!

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