Develop a Strategy – Execute with Knowledge

Doing business with the Federal Government requires focus and commitment.  In order to implement focus, companies need to establish a “Strategy” or “Plan”.  The term “Strategy” can sometimes be overused but is very often underutilized by definition.  The process of developing a strategy seems like a thankless task but the end result of having a plan in place will be a focused path to success.  The “Strategic Planning” process is very straight forward and can be as simple as setting goals and objectives.  Here are a few recommendations to get you started:

1) Define Your Vision:  Put a comprehensive statement together that allows you to document what your business will look like in 3 to 7 years and write a short statement in future tense.

2) Define Your Capabilities: Build a comprehensive understanding of what your business is equipped to do and able to perform. Also list all of your products, services and solutions.

3) Establish Goals & Objectives:  Establishing time-based goals and objectives provides you and your workforce a clear path.  Objectives (i.e. steps you take) should be established to complete specific task towards achieving a goal. This is an excellent way to also set bonus structures or incentive programs for your workforce.

Companies who make the commitment to do business in the Federal marketplace should always begin with establishing a strategy.  This strategy will prove valuable to their success with obtaining new business (Win).  Bidspeed can assist with developing your strategy and provide subject matter guided expertise through the Bidspeed powered Federal Business Development Program.  Bidspeed provides easy to use functions that integrates your strategy with day-to-day business execution.

Log on to Bidspeed and register ( for an account to experience first-hand how easy the Strategy Planning process can be and start winning new business in the Federal, State and Local marketplace.

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