Filters & Search Agents

In this comprehensive training, we’ll unravel the power of search agents and filtering within BidSpeed. These essential tools empower you to effortlessly discover relevant federal contracting opportunities and manage your procurement processes efficiently.

Navigating the Dashboard (0:05)

As you log in to, you’re greeted with your personalized dashboard – the central hub for your federal contracting journey. The video section hosts a wealth of training resources, while the “Contact Us” option on the lower right ensures your queries are promptly addressed by our dedicated support team.

Universal Filtering Simplified

BidSpeed’s filtering system offers a seamless experience across the platform. Whether you’re honing in on federal opportunities, refining contact lists, or updating account details, the approach remains consistent, providing a user-friendly experience.

Empowering Your Search with Filters

Accessing filters is as easy as clicking on the filter icon. This opens a convenient search field where you can input specific criteria to refine your search results and uncover the most relevant opportunities.

Streamlining with Filter Clearing

When it’s time to broaden your search horizon, simply use the dropdown menu associated with each filter. This clears the filters, ensuring you start fresh and explore a wider range of opportunities.

Tailoring Filters to Your Needs

Customize your filtering process using the optional field icon. This feature enables you to fine-tune filters to match your unique preferences, offering a highly personalized search experience.

Optimizing Agency Filtering (4:00)

For accurate agency filtering, choose the capitalized agency names. This ensures a precise match, especially for new data entries. While historical information is accessible through alternative naming, capitalize on the all-caps version for up-to-date accuracy.

Efficient Date Range Filtering

Mastering date range filtering is a breeze with BidSpeed. The unique filter icon setup allows you to define precise date ranges, ensuring you capture opportunities within specific timeframes.

Saving and Sharing Filter Magic (6:15)

Save your customized filters with distinctive names for easy retrieval. Opt to share these filters with team members to foster collaborative opportunity hunting.

Unveiling Search Agent Magic

Harness the power of search agents to receive timely email alerts for opportunities matching your criteria. Set the frequency of alerts and recipients to tailor this feature to your needs.

Smart Email Alerts

With your search agents established, stay in the loop with targeted email alerts. Receive notifications only when opportunities match your set criteria, ensuring you stay informed without feeling overwhelmed.

Effortless Dashboard Access (9:53)

Access saved filters directly from your dashboard. Execute your saved filters from the dashboard itself, reducing steps and ensuring you quickly spot matching opportunities.

Efficient Management of Filters

Manage and execute your saved filters from the My Account section. This feature streamlines your filter usage, allowing easy identification and exploration of pertinent opportunities.

Seamless Support and Conclusion

Your mastery of filters and search agents is crucial for navigating federal contracting smoothly. Should you have any questions, our support team is accessible through the “Contact Us” option 24/7.

By delving into BidSpeed’s filters and search agents, you’re unlocking a world of precise opportunity management. With these tools at your disposal, you’re primed to make informed decisions and seize the most promising federal contracting prospects.


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