This webinar is a short, hands-on, interactive workshop that will break down a specific opportunity and help you form a response to a Sources Sought notification. If your company supports NAICS 541611, or other related NAICS, then you should attend.

The US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, Natick, MA is seeking sources for Product Design Support in Load Carriage. The estimated level of effort for this position is FTE.

The Contractor shall demonstrate a working knowledge of the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying System (MOLLE), and the legacy systems within the DOD including the All-Purpose Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE).

The Contractor shall be proficient with textile manufacturing equipment and be knowledgeable of Mil-Spec fabrics. The Contractor shall have a higher degree in animal/human physiology and be able to apply physiological cause and effect to all load-bearing equipment designs.

The Contractor shall be able to construct prototype items that meet the needs of the user community; for example, but not limited to: Holsters, Field Medical bag systems, Ammunition carriers, and the unique requirements of the Airborne and Army Special Operations Forces. Create patterns and product descriptions of finalized designs capable of being duplicated in a manufacturing environment.

The Contractor must have demonstrated skills in training soldiers and civilians on the operation, care and maintenance of new systems designs.

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