Past Performance

Welcome to Bidspeed! This tutorial will guide you through the process of uploading your past performance and creating a comprehensive past performance library. Let’s get started.

0:03 – Introduction to Uploading Past Performance

– Bidspeed is your go-to platform for efficiently managing your past performance data.
– Visit bid to begin the process. If you encounter any issues, you can easily reach out to our support team by clicking on the “Contact Us” option in the lower right corner.

0:21 – Accessing the Upload Past Performance Feature

– Log in using the credentials on the right side of the page.
– You can also access support from the same page, ensuring assistance is readily available if needed.
– To begin uploading your past performance, click on “Upload Past Performance” in the center of the screen.

0:35 – Navigating to Upload Past Performance

– If you want to expand the view, you can use the maximize/minimize arrow on the right-hand side of your screen.
– The upload past performance feature can also be accessed through “Settings,” “My Account.”

0:44 – Using the FPDS Award History Pane

– If you already possess government past performance data, you’ll find the “FPDS Award History” pane.
– This feature is designed to streamline the data transfer from FPDS into your Bid Speed account.

0:53 – Transferring FPDS Data

– You can move items using the arrow keys or by selecting multiple items and using the “Load Multiple Items” option.
– The raw FPDS data will be moved to your library, awaiting further input.

1:04 – Completing Past Performance Information

– Click on the magnifying glass icon to complete the information for a specific past performance item.
– Provide essential details that may be missing, such as project title, project start, role, amount, and a detailed description.

1:14 – Adding References and Contact Information

– You can also include references, including government points of contact or business-related contacts.
– Adding detailed descriptions and references is crucial for enhancing the quality of your past performance data.

1:24 – Why Detailed Descriptions Matter

– Detailed descriptions are crucial as the government’s provided information may be minimal.
– Your detailed description will provide a clearer understanding of the project’s scope and your role in it.

1:32 – Adding Commercial Past Performance

– Don’t worry if you don’t have government past performance. You can still create a robust library by adding your commercial past performance.
– Fill in details like project title, agency or business name, contract amount, start and end dates, contract type, and your role.

1:44 – Saving Past Performance Data

– Once you complete the information, save it to your library.
– The objective here is to build a comprehensive past performance library that you can easily reference in the future.

1:50 – Efficient Library Usage

– When an RFP is released, you can swiftly select relevant past performance items from your library.
– Utilize the “Print” option to format your selected past performance data according to the RFP’s requirements.

2:00 – Sharing Past Performance with Other Companies

– Your past performance library isn’t just for internal use.
– When other companies search for you using the “Company Search” feature, they can view your past performance.

2:07 – Filtering for Companies with Past Performance

– Use the “Company Search” feature to find companies with past performance.
– This valuable filter helps you identify potential partners or competitors based on their past performance history.

2:14 – Exporting Data

– You can export the filtered data for further analysis and consideration.

2:17 – Enhancing Your Market Reach

– Connecting with companies based on their past performance can expand your opportunities in the government market space.


Bidspeed provides a streamlined process for uploading, managing, and utilizing your past performance data. By building a comprehensive library, you’re better prepared to respond to RFPs and connect with other companies in the government sector. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the “Contact Us” option. Our team is here to assist you in maximizing your success in the government market space. Happy bidding!

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