Review & Identify Competition

Welcome to Bidspeed! In this tutorial, we’ll uncover the powerful features of the Competitors, Suppliers, and Partners module. Let’s dive right in.

0:03 – Introduction to Competitors, Suppliers, and Partners

– Bidspeed’s Competitors, Suppliers, and Partners feature provides invaluable insights into your competition and potential collaborators.
– Begin by visiting or to access the platform.
– Click the login tab in the upper right corner and enter your email (user ID) and password.

0:23 – Accessing the Feature and Seeking Help

– After signing in, you’ll land on your dashboard. For any concerns, find the “Contact Us” option in the lower right corner to initiate a conversation via email.
– Navigate to “Review Identify Competition” from your dashboard or go through “Settings,” then “My Account.”

1:03 – Utilizing the Database and Filters

– Ensure your onboard status reaches 100%.
– Accessing “Review Identify Competition” allows you to explore a database of historical government contractors.
– Best practice: Select “Show all” to clear filters for a comprehensive view.
– For targeted searches, use the three-dot icon as this indicates you’re looking into an existing database.
– Use filters like CAGE code, main POC name, legal name, state, primary name, and general name for effective searches.

2:33 – Applying Filters and Drilling Down

– Apply filters like “contains” for specific search criteria. For instance, searching for companies in Georgia or specific POC names.
– Filters are your toolkit for narrowing down your search within the extensive database.

4:00 – Fine-tuning Searches and Refining Results

– Combine filters for precision. For example, searching for companies in Georgia with awards, using primary NAICS codes, etc.
– Use filters like “greater than zero” to find companies with specific attributes or awards.

7:38 – Adding to Contacts and Managing Relationships

– Adding a company to your contacts is easy. Select a company, choose your status (competitor, client, partner), and save your selection.
– View your contacts and manage relationships from this module.
– Navigate between different modules seamlessly using the “My Contacts” link.

**8:32 – Customizing Columns and Exploring Awards**
– Customize the columns to view specific information about companies.
– Explore award values and other data year over year for a deeper understanding.
– Easily access awards details by clicking on links.

9:21 – Summary of Navigation and Use

– From your dashboard, access “Review Identify Competition” or use “Settings” to reach this module.
– Use the three-dot icon to search for companies.
– Apply filters, select companies, and add them to your database and contacts.
– Manage relationships and explore awards seamlessly.

Thank you for exploring the Competitors, Suppliers, and Partners feature with Bidspeed. Should you require guidance at any point, don’t hesitate to use the “Contact Us” feature. Our team is here to assist you in making the most out of this feature. Happy bidding!

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