Developing A Strategic Plan


In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through using the strategic planning feature on Bidspeed. Let’s dive in.

0:04 – Introduction to Strategic Planning

– To begin, visit and log in using your credentials.
– Your user ID is your email, and your password will grant you access.
– For any queries, remember the “Contact Us” option is available for assistance.

0:17 – Accessing Your Dashboard

– Upon logging in, you’ll land on your dashboard.
– Our strategic planning feature empowers you to plan and capture your strategies easily.

0:27 – Navigating to Strategic Planning

– To access strategic planning, you can click the provided link on your dashboard.
– Alternatively, use the “Settings” option under “My Account” to reach the same location.

1:04 – Entering Strategic Planning Area

– The strategic planning area is your canvas for capturing plans spanning days, weeks, months, or even meetings.
– You can export or print these plans for convenience.

1:54 – Creating New Goals

– Begin by selecting “Show all” to clear any previous filters.
– To create a new goal, click “New Goal.”
– A goal could be a high-level strategy, like a quarterly objective or establishing new partnerships.

2:24 – Goal Details

– Describe your goal in detail if desired, and assign it an order.
– Save your goal to keep it in your planning.

3:07 – Adding Steps to Achieve Your Goal

– To achieve a goal, add steps. Click “Add Step.”
– Each step contributes to the goal’s accomplishment.
– Steps could involve tasks like reviewing potential prime stakeholders.

3:32 – Step Details and Task Assignment

– You can grade steps, provide descriptions, and order them.
– Assign tasks to team members, streamlining responsibilities.
– Creating an assigned task allows you to specify task owners, priority, and due dates.

4:48 – Saving Your Steps and Tasks

– Save your steps to finalize your plan for achieving the goal.
– A clear layout helps you visualize your strategy.

5:28 – Organizing and Grading

– Assign tasks to your goals and see their due dates.
– Assign simple grades like ABCDEF during team meetings to track progress.

6:41 – Deleting Goals and Steps

– Easily delete unwanted goals or steps by clicking the red X icon.
– Confirm the deletion when prompted.

7:17 – Printing Your Plan

– Use the “Print” key to generate a printable version of your strategic plan.
– Print or convert it to a PDF for meetings or team sharing.

Use this tool to streamline your planning process and enhance collaboration. Remember, our support team is ready to assist you through the “Contact Us” feature. Happy bidding!

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