SBA 7(j) Webinars: Week In Review!

Here’s a look back at everything we covered this week:



Federal Market Update


Bidspeed User Training

Every week, Bidspeed provides a variety of live, hands-on webinars to educate businesses on the government contracting process, from our flagship Master Class series to tips-and-tricks on using the Bidspeed platform. Check out our recaps, and make sure the register for your access to the SBA 7(j) training portal – It’s completely FREE for 7(j) eligible businesses.


Masterclass: Week 6 Recap


  • Understanding the RFP Response Process:

    • Learn the step-by-step process of preparing and submitting a proposal in response to a government solicitation.
    • Gain insights into the importance of aligning the technical response with pricing and past performance.
    • Get familiar with the requirements of terms and conditions, reps and certs, and FAR/DFAR reports.
  • Utilizing Templates for Efficiency: 

    • By ensuring consistency, templates streamline the proposal writing process and save precious time.
    • Understand the importance of aligning the technical response with the pricing strategy.
  • Tailoring the Response Document: 

    • Learn how to tailor the response to meet the evaluation criteria specified in the RFP, by addressing each section of the response document.
    • Learn how to reference past performance in pricing and demonstrate capability and credibility.
    • Understand the importance of aligning the technical response with the pricing strategy. 

Weekly Federal Market Update


In this week’s Federal Market Report, we encouraged participants to stay updated on sales and business development in the federal government by following the SBA on social media platforms. We provided instructions on how to access the training portal and download templates for responding to RFPs, Sources Sought, and other procurement opportunities. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools to quickly and effectively respond to government solicitations.

Regarding the market opportunities released since July 6th, the report mentioned that there have been 2,175 opportunities, with 1,713 of them still active. We emphasized the importance of responding to Sources Sought as a means to establish a transactional relationship with the contracting officer (and potentially influence the set-aside determination!)

Our report also highlighted specific set-aside opportunities in various NAICS codes, including HUBZone and women-owned small businesses. We showcased opportunities in areas such as fully integrated mobile broadband kits, industrial process waste cleaning, professional scientific and technical services, building renovation, and sheet metal. These opportunities were spread across different government agencies, including FEMA, Department of Air Force, NASA, and Defense Logistics Agency.

Additionally, we reported 278 sources sought opportunities for market research. We encourage you to engage with contracting officers early on, and ask questions to gain a better understanding of the requirements and potential set-aside possibilities. We provided instructions on how to save filters and set up email alerts for specific searches in the Bidspeed platform, enabling you to stay informed about new sources sought opportunities.

Overall, the Federal Market Report stressed the importance of proactive engagement with contracting officers, utilizing available resources, and responding to opportunities in a timely manner. By leveraging the Bidspeed portal, downloading templates, and staying informed about market developments, you’ll maximize your business opportunities with the federal government.

Bidspeed User Training 

In this week’s Bidspeed User Training session, we demonstrated how to update keywords in the BidSpeed software, which are used to search across various databases, including federal, state and local, grants, and more. Using relevant and specific keywords helps you to avoid noise and ensure accurate search results: for example, using the “and” operator between two words will yield different search results compared to placing those words in quotation marks.

Always save your keyword filters, and set up search agents to receive email notifications for new relevant opportunities. In the Bidspeed platform, your keyword filters will update in real time as you modify your keyword list. Keeping your keywords up-to-date in BidSpeed will help to ensure improved search results and streamlined opportunity discovery!

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